HTRE Liquidity Mining Pools
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Balancer HTRE/USDC
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  • HTRE token address: 0xDea67845A51E24461D5fED8084E69B426AF3D5Db
  • The total supply is 100,000,000 HTRE, before the mainnet launch we locked 90,200,000 HTRE on a cold wallet.
  • The circulating supply is 9,800,000 HTRE before the mainnet launch.
  • The total mining reward is 3,000,000 HTRE.
  • HodlTree officially opened up its liquidity mining pools for farming at 17:00 UTC on September 23.
  • Duration — 9 weeks. September 23 to November 25.
  • The total weekly reward is 333,333 HTRE. 80% for Uniswap pool & 20% for Balancer pool.
  • We will reward you with 0.04 HTRE per week for each $1 locked in the Uniswap or Balancer pool.
  • If the liquidity cap is reached, then the rewards will be distributed on a pro-rata basis, proportional to the amount of liquidity provided.
  • The minimum locked period to get rewards is 1 week.
  • The minimum value to receive a reward is 10 HTRE.
  • If, after November 25, there are undistributed rewards, the rest will go to the Community Grants & Bounties pool.
  • We are starting calculating rewards at 17:00 UTC on September 23. The first week reward will be calculated at 17:00 UTC on September 30, and then we will continue to do so weekly on Wednesdays.
  • The rewards will be calculated once a week, but they will only be distributed twice — on October 23 & November 25.
  • You can withdraw your assets at any time without any constraints.

A detailed explanation of the HodlTree token allocation and liquidity mining can be found here.

Pool 1: Uniswap HTRE/USDC Pool


Pool overall reward: 2,400,000 HTRE. (80% of the total Liquidity Mining Rewards pool).

Pool 2: Balancer HTRE/USDC Pool


Pool overall reward: 600,000 HTRE. (20% of the total Liquidity Mining Rewards pool).

We will apply for the Balancer whitelist, in case of approval, farmers who have provided liquidity to the Balancer pool will also receive BAL rewards from it.